Water Damage Restoration Dallas TX

Water Damage Restoration Dallas TX, Veteran Restoration deals with water damage, storm damage, and structural problems from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and severe weather cleanup and repair.

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Water Damage Restoration Dallas TX

60 Minute Emergency Response

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. We help minimize water damage, reduce restoration costs, and prevent the growth of mold and other potentially hazardous contaminants with our fast response time.

  • Immediate response
  • 24/7 services
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Veteran team
  • Thorough documentation for property owners and we work directly with your insurance company.

Complete Water Damage Solutions

Our expert veterans provide quick and thorough water damage cleanup services. Veteran Restoration is your single source provider for property recovery services in the Little Elm, TX and surrounding areas — we’ll take care of everything, from water damage mitigation and cleanup to deodorization and structural repairs; Water Damage Restoration Dallas TX.

Flood water extraction
De-humidification and drying
Odor removal and decontamination
Restoration and structural repair


Services Needed(Required)

How We Can Help
We offer a number of solutions for restoration, including flood water extraction and dry-out. We have a wide variety of equipment and services to help you restore your home or business to better than new conditions.

Who We Work With
Drying out is our specialty. We are a company that deals with water damage, storm damage, and structural problems from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and severe weather. Our customers include:
• Commercial Property Owners – Water Damage Repair & Structural Repair Services
• Hotels & Resorts Owners – Storm Damage Restoration Services
• Other Commercial Property And Structures Owners – Disaster Recovery Services

After the Storm Hits
Most people have heard about water damage. It usually happens when a storm knocks a pipe out of commission or rainwater starts pooling. But what about the other side of the coin: water damage restoration? This is where water damage restoration professionals come to help. Contact Veteran Restoration to clean up your flooded property, wash away mold from your home, remove debris and restore floors and walls that have been damaged due to water damage.

For many residents, the cost of dealing with water damage restoration can be costly. We understand that situation very well — we have many years of experience working with insurance companies on water damage claims!

Experienced Technicians
Flood water extraction refers to the removal of water from a flooded property. Whether or not the floodwater is being removed from your home, business or office, it will be necessary to have a qualified technician at your disposal for this purpose. This is because there are many situations where water extraction may be necessary even in cases where no damage has occurred to any structures. As a homeowner or business owner, if you have suffered damage due to flooding, you should make sure that your technician has the knowledge and experience needed for the job at hand. You can contact Veteran Restoration to help you with your unfortunate water damage issue. We provide the following:

• Water Damager Restoration Service – Serving Dallas TX
• Flood Water Removal Services – Serving Dallas TX
• Floodwater Extraction Services – Serving Dallas TX
• Floodwater Removal Services- Servicing Dallas TX
• Stormwater Cleanup -Servicing Dallas TX